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Mistake: Too much open shelving
Open shelving is gorgeous. But be honest with yourself: Do you want every novelty mug and bottle of generic-brand ketchup on display?

When planning your kitchen, think about all the items you’d be proud to display and that you can realistically keep organized. Put these things front and center in an open or glass shelving unit and hide the rest of your ugly stuff behind more traditional closed-door cabinetry.

Mistake: Things that open into other things (or the wrong way)
If you’ve got two cabinets that can’t both be open at the same time… you’ve made a horrible mistake. Same goes for a fridge that opens away from the heart of the kitchen (and into a wall) or a dishwasher that prevents you from being able to stand at the sink.

When designing your kitchen, imagine opening every single door at the same time. Is there anything that might come into contact? If you’re not sure, break out the measuring tape.

Mistake: Forgetting about the trash
Compared to backsplashes and countertops, trash is not a beautiful sight. Make sure you carefully consider its placement.

Treat yourself to separate bins for regular, paper and plastic. Spring for soft-close cabinetry while you’re at it.

Mistake: Not having enough types of lighting
Did you know you’re technically supposed to have three types of lighting in your kitchen: overhead (for general illumination), spot (for lighting up specific tasks) and accent (for drawing attention to your most gorgeous design elements)? If you’re missing the latter two, chances are your kitchen looks sterile and overly fluorescent.

In addition to overhead or high-hat bulbs, illuminate prep areas with pendant or track lighting.

Mistake: Not having proper ventilation
You smell that? That’s the bacon you cooked two days ago.

Oven hoods don’t just look pretty; they also work crazy well to vent smoke, heat and smells to the outside world. Don’t have the space or budget for a hood? Even a ceiling fan or vented microwave can help with your smoke show.

Mistake: Not having enough storage space
You should plan to have more than enough storage space, whether it’s in the form of drawers, cabinets, pantries or any other type of storage system. Planning your kitchen without enough storage space is going to lead to a number of problems.

Plan enough space to store your dry foods, pots, pans, kitchen utensils and dishes! This will lead to cabinets being well-organized, counter space being clear and good to be used at all times, and an overall organized and free kitchen space.

Mistake: Not having enough counter space
Counter space is just as important as storage space. You need enough space to prepare meals after all.

Don’t forget to keep in mind all of the things that you generally keep on your counters as well, from your blender and toaster to your bowl of fruit in addition to other design elements. Without the proper counter space, you’ll find your counters becoming cluttered quite easily.

Mistake: Being a victim of kitchen design trends
Checking out current design trends is a great way to get a few ideas for the style of your kitchen. But don’t take them as a model; doing so will result in a kitchen design that is completely outdated within only a couple of years.

Pick the designs that are here to stay, including minimal upper cabinetry, sparkling quartz counters, and one-of-a-kind ceiling treatments … these are guaranteed to stand the test of time!

Mistake: Too much stainless steel
While it’s totally fine to choose fridges, ovens and dishwashers with a shiny chrome finish, keep in mind that once you add in a stainless microwave, toaster and set of frying pans, your cozy hearth might start to look a little like a morgue.

Call us crazy, but we like white or black or colored appliances. (How pretty is this kitchen with a stainless fridge, black dishwasher and gold hood?) Still want to stick with chrome? Consider putting bigger-ticket items–like fridges and microwaves behind cabinetry paneling.

Mistake: Not including enough electrical outlets
Everything you love in life, from your radio to your iPhone plugs into the wall. You’re going to need more than two outlets.

We especially love a sneaky drawer or island outlet.

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