Essential Tips to choose your floor color!

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Essential Tips to choose your floor color!


1: Think about the room size

No matter how big or small the room is, the color of your floor will always have a main influence on the feeling of space you get in a room.

If you are cramped for space in a tiny room, using the right colors can make all the difference. Try using lighter, natural floor colors similar light oak. These shades can really open up a room, without you having to remove a part of your furniture.

Light colors will give the space a sunnier, happier feel. Shades of yellow stand for optimism and fun, while white and light beige will give the room a sense of openness and purity.

Is your room large and wide? Than you might want to consider using warm or dark tones, like wengé or walnut, for your new floor. These colors tend to make large rooms seem cozier and warmer!


2: Light effect

Throughout the day, the lighting in your room changes gradually. Judging a floor sample color at night, in artificial light, will give you a very diverse impression than during mid-afternoon in normal sunlight. Therefore, check the samples at different times of the day, with different lighting!


3: Color Matching

Make sure that your floors color matches the broader style and feel you want to give your interior.

Red tones bring a sense of luxury and go well with heavy, colonial furnishings.

Brown color will have a very natural rustic feel and stands for comfort, while black stands for luxury and class.

White & light beige stands for light, and purity.  Go for a contemporary feel and add brightness, space and light to the room with a pattern of light maple or Norwegian pine.

Want to keep your interior peaceful and chic? Than go for timeless grey tones! it’s the perfect match for trendy colours and warm tones. An added plus: it will give your classic furniture a contemporary look.


It’s always a good idea to take along some elements that represent your interior. A throw pillow, a paint chip or a cabinet wood sample from the room that’s getting a new floor, can be a great help determine the right color. Using these samples, will make your decision a lot easier.


The hues of your interior reveal your true colors… So make sure you get them right.

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