Create your own floor designs!

Bring your ideas to life by creating the flooring design that fits perfectly your interiors.
Moduleo, the luxury vinyl flooring, gives you the freedom to create more than 110 unique and expressive combinations with wood or stone effect design.
Play it your way!
Arising from your own creativity, you will be amazed to see that the atmosphere of a room can be changed completely by simply choosing a different laying pattern or design.
Easily mix and match your flooring pattern by combining ten brand-new flooring formats to achieve your one-of-a kind flooring creation. The designs range from classically elegant to wildly dynamic, giving you complete flexibility to create bespoke, design-led floors that reflect your individual style.

Moduleo formats contain geometric and rectangular shapes, varying from Herringbone to Hungarian point, from hexagonial to triangular and diamond. Moduleo vinyl flooring can be combined in an infinite number of ways, which allows you to combine wood, stone and geometric forms in a unique and innovative laying pattern. The possibilities are endless!

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