50 Shades of WOOD!

50 Shades of WOOD!

Wood is a warm, soft and tactile element, and is found in all shades: wooden beams, cladding, windows, stairs, ceiling and fixed furniture. Thus, architects in Belgium used different varieties of timber and frolicsome colors to create gracious and welcoming dentist clinic

It might be a funny approach to the dental  practice, but the project was named “50 Shades of Wood” after the variety of tones in its silvery timber façade as well as its brightly colored wooden interior.

“50 Shades of Wood” is a space full of light, joy, creativity and elegance. The wooden beams, cladding, windows, stairs, ceiling and fixed furniture are combined with exposed concrete, calcium silicate units and frivolous colors that break up the archetypical clinic’s sterile white aesthetic in this original dental practice.

The clinic silhouette is a mirror image of its neighbor, with a pitched-roof volume that forms the upper part of the dental practice and continues the line of the terrace, while a lower rectilinear volume acts as a base.

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